How Much Does A Body Lift Cost?

Although bariatric surgery is the first step for many individuals to achieve a healthier lifestyle, the procedure can lead to excess skin that causes discomfort, embarrassment, rashes, and back pain. To resolve these unfortunate side effects, a body liftQuestion can not only eliminate excess skin but also tighten stretched abdominal muscles to help reveal a more toned, contoured figure. Because these post-weight loss concerns occur so frequently, many of our patients at the Plastic Surgery Center of Austin are seeking to finally attain the silhouette they have been working toward – and many are curious about the price of the procedure.

The exact cost of a body lift varies from patient to patient. The time, risks, and price of a body lift fluctuate depending upon the number of areas that are treated as well as the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. These factors affect the amount of time the surgeon will need for the operating room, the anesthesia required for that duration, and potential for an overnight hospitalization – all of which impact the final price of a body lift. Generally, a circumferential abdominoplasty requires an overnight stay in the hospital to monitor the initial stages of your recovery as well as help ensure your comfort during the first night. If you opt for a brachioplasty, mastopexy, thighplasty, or breast augmentation, those procedures will also affect the overall cost of your procedure. One of the most important steps to making sure your body lift meets your expectations is finding a plastic surgeon who will take the time to carefully listen to your individual goals.

– Dr. Steven Holzman

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