Dr. Holzman Looks Back at his First Plastic Surgery Evaluation – On the Beach in 1968

It may have been a foregone conclusion, even from his earliest years, that Dr. Steven Holzman would become a plastic surgeon.

“This is me during one of my first plastic surgery evaluations. The year is 1968 at Belmar Beach, New Jersey and I am with my father’s sister Gilda. I called it her ‘mushy tushy!’”

Yes, before Dr. Holzman graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and earned his M.D. from the University of Texas Health & Science Center in Houston, going on to residency and a number of teaching appointments in addition to his many years at our practice, he made his first diagnosis on the beaches of New Jersey, declaring (perhaps subconsciously) that his aunt may benefit from a nip and tuck.

“I’m not so sure she liked that but I remember taking the picture just like it was yesterday.”